Phonetic Word Search


Welcome to Phonetic Word Finder. This is a web site designed for songwriters and poets to help you find just the word you need. It allows you to perform searches like:

K $0 $1    - Find iambs starting with the "k" sound
S .* S     - Find words starting and ending with the "s" sound

A list of the available sounds is in the column on the right of the page. Be sure to separate adjacent sounds with spaces.

Wildcards symbols can be used to represent a variety of sounds:

"@" any vowel
"!" any consonant
"." any phoneme
"$" any pseudo syllable (translates as "!* @ !*")

It is possible to specify that a phoneme occurs multiple times, or optionally appears, using the following symbols:

* - appears 0 or more times
+ - appears 1 or more times
? - appears 0 or 1 time

Syllables can be stressed or unstressed. In addition, words with multiple syllables may have syllables with secondary stress. The following terms can optionally] to included after vowels only to indicate stress:

(default) - unstressed, primary stress, or secondary stress
   0      - unstressed
   1      - primary stressed
   2      - secondary stress
   12     - primary or secondary stress
   02     - unstressed or secondary stress

Alternatives sounds may be separated by "|". Thus

K (AE | AH) T

matches "cut" and "cat".

It is also possible group parts of the search term using the brackets "(" and ")".

AA as in ODD
AE as in AT
AH as in HUT
AO as in OUGHT
AW as in COW
AY as in HIDE
B as in BE
D as in DOG
DH as in THEE
EH as in ED
ER as in HURT
EY as in ATE
F as in FEE
G as in GREEN
HH as in HE
IH as in IT
IY as in EAT
JH as in GEE
K as in KEY
L as in LEE
M as in ME
N as in KNEE
NG as in PING
OW as in OAT
OY as in TOY
P as in PEE
R as in READ
S as in SEA
SH as in SHE
T as in TEA
TH as in THETA
UH as in HOOD
UW as in TWO
V as in VEE
W as in WE
Y as in YIELD
Z as in ZEE